How To Get Long-Term Relief From Lower Back And Hip Pain.

Here there, I'm Sofia.

From 2010 to 2015, I lived with excrutiating, and horrific hip and lower back pain that took precious years out of my life. 

After more than 5 years in pain, I was finally able to heal and get my life back.

I haven't set foot in a therapy clinic for more than three years now...(the last time I remember seeing a physio was in 2015)...all while keeping myself completely pain-free. 

I workout consistently at the gym, lift weights, run my coaching business, travel, and also enjoy the little a walk at the park without the need to pause and stretch every 10 minutes.

How did that happen?

Well...I’ve been following a few unique strategies that allowed my spine and hips to heal fast and kept me pain-free since.

I learned these strategies the hard way through trial and error and by investing thousands of dollars into my own education and becoming a certified coach.

And today I want to teach them to you...

In less than half an hour, you'll discover the fastest way to get fast relief from lower back and hip pain, and the most effective way to protect your spine and hips from more damage and re-injury.

These unique techniques will re-awaken your deepest spinal and hip stabilizers.


Most people don't know how to tap into these stabilizer muscles...let alone keep them active throughout the day.


The techniques to tap into these powerful muscles are quick and very simple and they don't involve doing crunches or typical ab exercises. 

This is the most effective and cheapest way to keep your back and hips healthy and pain-free.

No belts, drugs or surgery!

Let me put this into perspective…

If we strip the spine from its support system (the deep stabilizer muscles, the ligaments and the tendons), it'd collapse under 20 pounds of load.

Dysfunctional and weak spinal and hip stabilizers will result in chronic lower back pain, hip pain and more injury later on in life.

I discovered that the most common “core exercises” only work the surface muscles. 

You're not tapping into the powerful deeper stabilizers that'll provide you with long-term relief while protecting you from more pain and pressure. 

Here's what I'll show you in inside this training...

  • How to get fast relief from lower back pain and day-to-day built up pressure. 
  • How to protect your spine and hips from future injuries.

  • How to avoid sudden flare-ups.
  • Why you must stop doing generic abdominal exercises you find online (which may be making the pain worse).
  • A powerful technique you can do anywhere to avoid hurting your back when bending over, twisting, lifting items, etc.

If you implement what I teach you, you'll not only get relief quickly but you'll also know how to move throughout the day without triggering pain.

This is important because you'll be protecting your spine and hip from further damage.

Here's what other members thought of this training...

Today is day 5 and I am 80% improved

Hey Sofia. I was heading down the same road with Physio Therapy, considering injection, constant rolling and stretching my piriformis muscle. Once I stopped stretching and began to focus on the techniques in the training, things began to turn around. Seriously, after months of frustration my world has been turned around after just 5 days. I can actually see the light to total recovery.


This training helped me reduce my back pain.

I loved seeing the exercises and the muscles associated with them.  Doing these exercises helped me reduce my back pain. I'm mindfully applying the principles I learned everyday. Thank you, Sofia!"

Gail Pickens-Barger

Yoga with Gailee

I loved this training!

“The exercises are simple to do at anytime. I noticed I’m a lot more stable and I can actually feel the change"


Even my physiotherapist noticed a big difference.

I absolutely love the content. I did lots of physio sessions and nobody explained it like you. a big advantage is that I can watch it several times till all the movements are perfectly clear. I’m delighted with my progress. Even my Physiotherapist noted a big difference since I started. Sofia‘s tutorials are all very clear. Thank you so much, Sofia!"

Mona Zahner

I'm more conscious of my core!

Great training! Doing the exercises made me more conscious of using my core when I'm walking"


I have more energy

The training is very effective and easy to do. I’ve done it for two weeks now and my core is much stronger already. I have more energy now!


After you go through the training, you'll also receive these bonuses...FREE!



No more information overwhelm. You’ll get an organized, done for you, 1-week plan outlining the techniques you just learned in the training... when to do them... and how many reps and sets.

Print it out if you'd like. The sooner you start implementing the faster you can get relief.


Avoid Injury And Move Pain-Free

A great companion to this training. It'll show you how to safely get back into working out without injury or flare-ups. It's yours to keep for free!


A Bonus 'Core Brace' Tutorial

Inside this bonus video, I'll show you how to automatically protect your back and hips when you lift heavy items, push carts at the supermarket, and move around freely without throwing your back out. 

Now, I want to mention that you won't find this training on my main website. The only way to get it is here...right on this page.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up right away and get instant access to this quick training.

Now, let me ask you...what price would you put on a program that can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on massage therapies, adjustments, or if nothing works...even surgery?

I want to get this training in your hands I've set the price really low that joining today should be a no-brainer. You can get started today without delay...

This whole program and the bonuses won't cost you $80 (the typical price of one massage session), and not even half of that.

You can access the full program today for just $19 while you're on this page.


Core training program

Original $47  Today $19

I'm confident this training will show you how to get fast relief from back and hip pain...all while showing you how to protect your spine and hips from more pain. That's why I'm backing it up with my personal...

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you implement what I teach you and the training doesn't help you, I insist you reach out to [email protected] and I'll refund you right away. I only ask that you actually implement the techniques I'll show you.

Here's how to get started...

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I hope to see you there,
Stay Strong!

Original $47  Today $19

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