7 Steps To Getting Exercise Motivation Back

If you’ve lost complete interest or motivation to exercise at home or stay active, I’m really hoping this post will help you get to the bottom of why that’s happening. And give it the motivation to get back to exercising consistently.

Before I give you practical tips on how to deal with this, I want to first say it’s very normal from time to time to lose complete motivation for certain things that you normally enjoy doing. It happens to everybody. Including the most disciplined people. 

What’s important is to realize when that’s beginning to happen and take action. A lot of what I’ll share is from my personal experience and tools I learned throughout the past few years that supported my fitness and health journey.


The first important step is to not ignore or try to distract yourself from what’s happening. When you completely lose motivation to lose weight or exercise, the worst thing you can do is to just keep waiting for the motivation to come back.

The longer you wait the harder it’ll be to get back on track. Wherever you are right now in your health and fitness journey, it’s never too late to start now.

Start With ‘Why’

Motivation alone is not enough to stay consistent with any goal. You need a very strong reason why to keep you going when you experience tough times. I’ll just give you a very simple and ‘somewhat’ unrelated example…

… If I relied on motivation alone and doing things whenever I felt like it, or whenever I felt motivated when I started this blog, there will be no blog today.

When I decided to pursue my passion for coaching and blogging from the ground up with no help from anyone, I ran into all kinds of technical challenges and obstacles. (And I still do run into issues all the time)

I ran into personal challenges when I refused to conform and just get any other job or pursue a career that doesn’t align with my values. I ran into health issues as well as I was still trying to figure out how to heal my body while pursuing my passion and building this website.

Do you think motivation would have been enough?

The only thing that kept me going was my big reason why. Or reasons why. There is nothing more fulfilling than receiving an email from a subscriber or client sharing with me how much my blog helped them (the reason behind starting this blog).

Whenever I’m making a video I know it can reach hundreds of thousands of people everywhere in the world. People can benefit from the information wherever they are.

When I’m having a bad day, or simply don’t feel like making a new video…guess what gives me the energy to push through it regardless and get it done? Thinking of the reason why (reaching people internationally with information that can help them improve their health)

Your reason why will keep you going when everything else fails.

Is Fitness And Health A Core Value?

If you don’t value exercise and fitness, you’ll always find an excuse or a way not to do it and I’ll explain why… It’s important to figure out what your core values are. Core values are why a few people find it very easy to wake up at 5 am, leave their warm beds in the middle of the winter to exercise at the gym.

It’s very simple. If health and fitness is a core value, you’ll find no issues doing that.

The same can be said about people who would rather spend 13 hours working because it provides them with a sense of security or achievement. And that is more important and most valued. At least higher than health and fitness. So when they have to make a decision between working an additional hour or working out, they’ll choose work.

Your core values will determine your behavior and the decisions you make every day.

Throughout my chronic pain journey, I managed to work out and exercise consistently despite the pain and flare-ups that’d last weeks sometimes. When I broke my toe very recently. I couldn’t exercise “properly” for about 6 weeks.

My ankle lost mobility and I couldn’t walk normally. I also had to wear a boot to keep my toe immobilized. I had a few days where I felt completely unmotivated. However, my core values kept me going and I was able to do what I could. I worked out sitting on a chair doing upper body exercises as well as exercise on the floor.

I know a lot of people who fall completely off track after a small injury.

Here’s why I know I’ll never lose interest or motivation completely after a setback…I worked a lot on figuring out my top 3 core values by analyzing my behavior. And so far I’ve identified them as the following: Health, Freedom, Family.

This means that I’m more likely to make decisions and behave in a way that is more aligned with these 3 core values that say…having a sense of security.

So do you value health and fitness? If yes, then good news…you should really have no problems getting back to exercise. Because you see the value in it.

If you feel that exercise is not really a top priority in your life, but you’d love to get active to achieve a goal (lose weight, get pain-free, build strength, etc.), then I highly recommend you begin seeing exercise as a priority in your life…

…You can read articles or studies about the positive effects of exercise on the physical body and mental well-being. Arm yourself with the knowledge to fuel your actions. You have to first see exercise as a valuable activity and a priority in your life for it to stick.

Look For The Root Cause

The next step is to figure out what happened in your life recently that got you off track. Was there an event that caused this? Or was it just a gradual process? It’s important to dig deeper and figure out what specifically is affecting you. That’s how you can do something about it.

I always feel out of place coming back from a trip. And it takes me a few days to get back on track. And that’s just a matter of getting back to my routine and planning my day.


Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many exercises all at once. The key is to stay consistent and not trigger pain. Stick to simple plans and be consistent. If you’re not sure how to get back in shape while taking care of your muscle pain, I invite you to check out the Back Pain Bootcamp and follow the program at home.

A Fitness Program With Injury Prevention In Mind

Make Exercising Enjoyable

It’s a mistake to force yourself to do something you don’t enjoy. When it comes to exercise, figure out the form of activity you enjoy the most. It can be running, lifting weights, yoga, pilates, walking. Whatever it is that you truly enjoy doing.

You can’t stick to a new habit that you don’t enjoy. You may force yourself to do it for a day or two, but it’d be tough to push yourself to do it forever.

If you just have an issue following through with the activities that you need to do (such as strengthening your core and glutes, doing mobility work, taking breaks from sitting to walk), then you’ll need to make this an enjoyable activity.

What I love to do is put some nice calming music on, or put an inspiring documentary or show on, and do my exercises then. 

When I do my cardio on the treadmill, I also get a lot of reading done. I use my kindle to read and I read a ton of books while doing cardio. 

It’s also very helpful to create space for your daily exercise routine. I have a step-by-step post on how to build your home gym. Having space to do your exercise will mentally help you stick through your routine. The moment I enter my ‘exercise area’, my mind switches into a different mode and It helps me focus on my workout of the day.


One of the best ways to get a good shot of motivation and inspiration is by visualizing your end goal. Visualization has been used by top athletes for years to see themselves win and achieve their goals.

Start by calming your mind just like in meditation, and then start visualizing yourself exercising and achieving your end goal. Whether that’s losing weight, or getting pain-free, or building strength and flexibility.

Visualize how you want your body to feel and look like every day. And let that image and vision fuel your behavior.

Believe me. It works every time. I visualized almost everything I was able to achieve in my life. You have to see it before you achieve it.

“Dare to visualize a world in which your most treasured dreams have become true.” – Ralph Marston

Coach Sofia