Piriformis Syndrome Rehab Plan Video Tutorial

This video tutorial supplements the free piriformis rehab plan. Download the plan if you haven't already, here.

How To Avoid Recuring Piriformis Flare-ups ...

Muscular and postural imbalances are one of the primary causes of piriformis syndrome.

The reason exercise may not be working for you in the long-run is because you haven't yet figured out the root cause of the pain in the first place.

You may do a few stretches that feels good in the moment... But if you're not sure which exact muscles need to be stretched and released, you'll always keep triggering pain.

"Feeling" that a muscle is tight does not mean it is actually tight and needs stretching. That's not how muscles work...

The only way to figure out which muscles need to be released and stretched, and which muscles need to be strenthened is through a full postural assessment. (A lot of "tight" muscles are actually extremely weak and need to be strengthened)

This is the most important step in finding long-term relief. And if you'd like my help to figurethis out... I can show you exactly how to do that inside my program: Piriformis Control. (Link below)

Creating these assessments is my specialty. As a corrective exercise specialist, I can help you figure out exactly which muscles are out of balances...causing you these recurring issues and how to bring your muscles and joints back in alignment.

When the body is out of alignment. The result is pain.


After I take you through these easy-to follow assessments, I'll also provide you with a corrective exercise plan (PDF + Video) to fix these muscular imbalances.

I have some additional bonuses as well that current members really loved. You can find out more about the program here:

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