How A Toxic Environment Affected My Piriformis Syndrome Recovery

I need to talk about a very important subject that played a major role (I feel) in slowing my recovery from piriformis syndrome and chronic pain in general.

I was literally doing everything right. Yet, nothing to show for it.

It’s a topic I feel strongly about that I wanted to share it with you. It’s often rarely talked about. I decided to share it with you because I don’t want to hide any aspect of my successful recovery that I feel can add value or benefit your healing journey.

I filmed a video to share this with you, but I also wrote a full post (not a transcript) about it. If you can’t watch the video right now, just scroll down for the full post.

How A Toxic Environment Affected My Piriformis Syndrome Recovery

When I first started experiencing deep glute pain, I went through the normal route of medications and treatments.

When none of that worked after years of repeating the same treatments, I started really questioning everything.

It pushed me to look outside the box and start asking questions. Questions like…why am I getting pain now at this point in my life?

I was born pain-free. How come out of nowhere I’m starting to feel this deep pain in my hips?

Why is my body getting completely out of alignment?

And how can I reverse and reset my system to I’m pain-free again?

Your Quest To Heal Your Self Can Be Life Changing

As you’re questioning things, you’re opening yourself up to receive new information. As long as you’re staying open-minded. You’re going to start looking at all the things that could be the cause of the pain. And I’m not just talking about muscular issues, nutrition, or exercise here…

…I’m talking about things like your environment, relationships, and life choices.

I was in a very toxic work environment, which played a big role in how I was feeling and the amount of pain I’d experience each day.

The first realization of this was when I went on vacation and all my symptoms faded away. I knew that stress and my state of mind had something to do with it.

The stress I was living in was 24/7. I’d feel extremely anxious before going to work, before going to bed, and during the weekends. The anxiety was constant.

I’d get to work in a lot of pain. I wasn’t able to sit for more than 10 minutes before my piriformis started spasming…

…I felt judged by everyone for having to stand all day.

I couldn’t afford a stand-up desk so I had boxes piled up to elevate my computer. But, I had to undo it all over again when I wanted to sit. It was exhausting to stand all day. But sitting was also painful.

I don’t want to go into detail of the work-related issues I was experiencing but the whole situation was draining mentally, physically, and emotionally.

TMS stress and chronic pain

My Body Was Programmed To Feel Pain

After I got out of that situation, I still felt the exact same emotions every night and every Sunday evening. It took me months to let go and re-condition my nervous system to a new response.

This was a big wake-up call. I realized the amount of damage I was doing to my mind and body by putting myself in environments that aren’t healthy or aligned with my values.

I was suppressing stress every day and abusing my body without knowing it. And I had to work hard after that to do a different kind of healing…

…healing my nervous system and releasing all the stored anxiety and stress I was holding on to.

Pain Can Be A Wake-Up Call

Going through this journey made me realize that pain can be such a good teacher. I decided to pursue my passion for health coaching and this blog was born as a result.

I’d sit for hours and hours working on different kinds of graphics, writing articles with no pain whatsoever.

I felt happy, safe, and at ease each day. I was in my element. My environment changed!

Exercise has always been part of my life and it was extremely important to regain strength and muscular balance. But, switching into a different mindset and being aligned with my values and feeling happy and excited each day 10xed my recovery.

Being in a different environment changed everything.

Pursue Your Passion And Values

The work environment I was in was the complete opposite of what I was passionate about and valued.

And I think that was a big lesson that the pain taught me. It made me wake up to that fact.

I invite you to find the time to assess all areas of your life. See where things don’t feel aligned with your values and where you can make changes.

You really have no idea how life-changing this exercise can be, until you do it.

I want to warn you.. you may hear a lot of doubt or thoughts come into your mind telling you why it’s impossible for these things to happen.

Why you can’t do it now.

These are just limiting beliefs and your brain resisting change. It’s a natural response to change. So just note them down. Be aware of these limiting beliefs.

I have a great guide here to help you completely reverse these beliefs and actually use them to push you towards achieving your goals and dreams.

This really needs to be done. Because you can be doing all the exercises, stretches, and treatments in the world. But if you’re so stressed out that your nervous system is always in fight or flight mode. That will be a major roadblock in your full recovery.

The nervous system controls your muscular system and cannot function properly if it’s hyperactive every day.

This is a holistic approach to healing. Not an isolated approach where we’re just stuck at the body part level.

If blogging is something that interests you, please comment below. I can certainly write a guide to start your own blog where you can share your passion with the world. I believe we all have something to share with each other.

And if you have a passion for something and you do it well, you’re really doing a disservice to the world for not sharing it 🙂

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Coach Sofia
  • Hi Sophia,

    I really commend you for your work and for Sharing your journey. I stumbled upon your articles when I began searching for help with my Piriformis pain. My injured stemmed from a fall onto a concrete step. Sciatica pain, numbness, oh I could go on and on. I never knew pain until this happens. It was your information that led me to a self diagnosis that later led my doctor to listen to me and give me the ‘official diagnosis’. After MRI, PT, chiropractors, dry needling, crying and despair I finally realized I was going to have to search for help elsewhere. Trigger point release was were I began to feel relief exclusively with light strengthening exercises as you encouraged. After 2 years of suffering , a stand up desk at work, several bottles of ibuprofen and prescriptions later…. I have learned so much by reading your tips on therapeutic techniques and your encouragement on living our best life. I am a nurse and life has been very different with our current health crisis. Now more than ever I am searching for peace and balance for my nervous system.

    • Hi Andrea,
      Thank you so much for your comment. And I am so grateful to hear you were able to get relief. It gives you so much confidence in yourself and your ability to heal. I know exactly how frustrating the journey is. And I can only imagine how stressful it can be as a nurse. But I feel through your comment that you’ve learned so much through this journey which led you here. Please read my posts in the Mindset section you’ll find some good practices to help you release the stored stress in the body. Thank you <3

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