Powerful Healing Meditation For Muscle Pain (Only 12 minutes!)

I can’t quite remember how I was introduced to healing meditations… I think it was around 2014 when I graduated from university and was looking for a job. (A very confusing phase of my life).

I was experiencing a lot of pain too (my pain level peaked at that time). So because I had a lot of free time… If I wasn’t busy uploading my resume everywhere, I would be online reading self-development and self-help books.

It was around that time that I discovered the power of healing meditations… And started practicing on a daily basis.

Types of Healing Meditations

  • Mindfulness meditations,
  • Breathing meditations,
  • Bio-energetic (another form of breathing meditations),
  • And visualization meditation.

My health really transformed…

The very first benefit I experienced was complete relaxation and pain relief. It was temporary but at least I was able to get hours of sleep without taking muscle relaxants.

How Healing Meditation Can Change your Health

My favorite type of meditation is mindfulness meditation…for the simple yet powerful reason that it can strengthen your mind-body connection (and mind-muscle connection).

Strong Mind-body connection

Imagine being able to quickly tell if what you just ate is gonna give you a stomach ache an hour later?

Wouldn’t that be nice…

Most people are disconnected from their inner bodies. When you strengthen your body awareness you’ll have a better sense of foods sensitivities, of your posture, of how you perform certain exercises

For me, this was transformative in and of itself. The moment I sat down, I could quickly tell how my muscles were feeling and if my posture was aligned.

This also applies to how we react to stress…

You’ll be way more aware of your body’s stress response. Let me explain…

When we’re stressed, the first human body system that gets affects is the nervous system (then, the digestive system).

You start breathing from your chest. Your core shuts down as a result, and shortly after…stress is channeled into your muscles as tension.

Some people feel the tension building up around their neck and shoulders and others around the hips, lower back and chest.

The goal of strengthening your body awareness and practicing mindfulness is to start noticing the first stages of this process

If you’re mindful, you’ll notice your shallow breathing, your shoulders rounding and chest tightening up. You can then disrupt this stress response by adjusting your posture, breathing deeply, and closing your eyes to tune in and relax your muscles.

This is why meditation is so important.

The next step is to use your breath to relax and release stress from the body…

How to Use Meditation to Release Stress From The Body

I have shared this exercise in a different post, but I want to go over it quickly here…

Download your free body healing meditation below… And after you reach a complete state of relaxation, follow these steps…

  1. Connect with your body. After you finished scanning each body part, stay inward… and connect with your full body now.
  2. If you notice tension in one particular area. Stay there. Don’t ignore it. Observe and see what emotions will come out.
  3. Be present, and whatever memories, thoughts or feeling emerge, just notice them and keep breathing…
  4. Imagine all the stress leaving your body. As you breathe out, breathe out pain and stress, and breathe in health and relaxation.

Go Deeper: How to release stress from the body

Now I have created a full meditation for you to download and keep.

Your Daily Meditation Practice

It is important to schedule a meditation practice time. For this specific healing meditation, you can practice in the morning and in the evening. The meditation is only 12 minutes so it can easily be squeezed into your day.

And if you don’t have 12 minutes for this, then I hate to say it…but that is an excuse.

Can you wake up 12 minutes earlier?

Can you sleep 12 minutes later?

Can you take a 12 minutes break during your lunch hour?

How about doing it after your workouts as part of your cool downs?

I know it’s tough, but our brains don’t like to start new habits and you will face some resistance when you’re starting out, but just keep yourself accountable. Whenever your mind comes up with an excuse, find a solution for it and keep going…

I hope you enjoy your free meditation!

Coach Sofia