Why I Quit The Gym (Possibly Forever!)

Well, I quit the gym.

I already spoke about why I quit caffeine last week.

And, in this post, I’ll share why I made the decision to start working out at home and cancel my gym membership after 10 years of going to the gym almost every day.

It was not an easy decision. 

I’ve been really enjoying coming to the park, doing my cardio outside, being in nature, and enjoying the sun. 

I also filmed a video about why I quit the gym, scroll down to watch it!

Why I Quit The Gym

So one of the main reasons why I actually canceled my gym membership this year is because of just how inconvenient it has become.

The gym included 24/7 access. And since April/May, when they reopened, they stopped offering 24/7 access and made members call to book an appointment. 

So only 10 people could work out at the gym at a specific time slot.

And then you had to call and check if you could go at the time you want to go (but it had to be during the designated time slots).

For example, if we wanted to work out at 10 am, I had to call the day before and see if I could come for the 10:15 am time slot.

I was still really happy to get back to the gym. But I had to do this every single time.

When things closed down, I didn’t have enough weights. I had some weights, but they weren’t heavy enough to feel like I could get a real workout.

quit the gym

On the one hand, I felt like it kept me accountable to book that appointment. On the other hand, I used to just go to the gym whenever I felt like or whenever I finished work.

That was an inconvenience I was okay putting up for a little while.

However, as time went by, more and more restrictions were enforced including a mask requirement while exercising.

This was a major reason why I decided to do my workouts at home.

With my recent panic attacks (I shared what happened on my blog about sleeping tips for anxiety relief), putting on a mask while my heart rate is up, triggers intense anxiety and I start to breathe heavily which makes my anxiety even worst.

It’s like a cycle.

I couldn’t risk having anxiety attacks at the gym when I could simply change my workout environment.

Why I quit the gym (possibly forever!)

The next reason why was… working out of the gym just stopped being healthy. 

I understand that gyms have to increase their cleaning. But, I started to experience more sensitivities because they were spraying so many chemicals frequently.

The moment I enter the gym, I can sense these chemicals from cleaning products in the air as they were spraying every five minutes. In addition to us members spraying equipment before and after use.

And, I’m there breathing heavily all that stuff? The whole experience stopped feeling healthy. 

It’s very important to be in a healthy clean environment when working out because you’re breathing increases as your heart rate goes up.

So it is important that the air that you’re breathing is clean. 

Benefits Of Working Out At Home

I realized actually that I really enjoy working out at home. And, I couldn’t believe I waited so many years to do it.

I worked out at home before.

But, it was only when I couldn’t get to the gym and had to do “something”.

Now, that I built a real home gym, I feel I’m not missing much.

I purchased additional equipment to take my home gym to the next level. And I’m able to do pretty much everything I did at the gym. 

Working Out At Home Is Convenient

It’s getting really cold here in central Canada.

I don’t have to get ready, get outside in the cold, and drive to the gym.

It saves me time and energy. 

A Home Gym Will Save You Money

I also realized that it’ll be saving me money in the long term. 

Initially, this wasn’t really my goal. The gym membership was always a health investment. 

While I spent money on more weights and home equipment, canceling my gym membership will pay off in the long-run. I’ll be using the equipment forever!

More Effective Workouts

This was a surprising observation. My workouts have been more intense and effective.

I feel less intimidated when trying out new exercises. And, I’m not worried about what people may think or how it may look.

Even though I’ve been working out at the gym for years and feel confident overall with weights, there is always that voice in my head when I want to try a new exercise or do something different…

“If I mess this up, I’m gonna make a fool of myself”.

Shorter Workouts

I also realized that I’ve been saving time during my workouts…

working out at home

…When I’m at the gym, I have to wipe down the equipment before and after usage, take the equipment back, walk back to my spot…

…I have to make sure there’s enough space between me and the next person.

It’s become so stressful and it’s too much to deal with when you really just want to enjoy your workouts.

Having my home gym, I don’t have to take time in between sets or reps to wipe out the equipment, put it back, think about if I’m taking all the DB, or if the person next to me wants to use the dumbbells I’m using.

You Don’t Need A Gym To Get In Shape

For the longest time, I always connected being healthy with going to the gym. And now, I’m actually changing my mindset around that. 

Being healthy and fit doesn’t have to mean that you have to go to the gym and lift weights at the gym and do certain exercises at the gym.

You can achieve your fitness goals outside the gym if you challenge your body enough to start to change.

Working Out At Home Is Better For Your Back

If you are actually suffering from chronic back pain and you have chronic hip pain,  working out at home is probably better for you. 

back pain at the gym

At the gym, you always feel like you have to push yourself. Everyone around you is lifting heavy weights and you want your time there to feel productive.

While there is nothing wrong with that, people who suffer from chronic pain may end up hurting themselves or making their symptoms worse.

 You can also challenge and push yourself at home…

… The difference is, you’re only focusing on your body and yourself.

There is no one to compete with or compare yourself with but yourself.

You can progress slowly and safely and build a strong mind-body connection.

How To Get Started Working Out At Home

I have so many low-impact and back friendly workouts to help you get active at home. Whether your gym is closed or you want to start working out at home, below are just a few of my home workouts I’m sure you’ll love:

Coach Sofia