How To Set and Achieve SMART Health Goals (90% of people won’t do this)

I’m SUPER excited to share with you my personal process to set goals (that I know I can achieve).

I love setting goals. I love having that sense of direction in my life. I love knowing exactly how I’m gonna achieve those goals. And today I’m going to share it all with you.

Hope you’re excited!

I used to be the type of person who goes to Chapters each January, looks for planners on sale, get the cutest looking one, come home super excited about filling up all my planner with goals and things to do. And guess what happens? I never look at it again.  Except for the random doctor’s appointments or gym workout entries, the rest of it stayed blank.

A few years back I got sick of my lack of planning (organization and planning were never one of my strengths), but I got busy. I read tons of books on goal setting, watched how successful people plan their lives and created a powerful system that changed my health and life.

Now, I get a new planner in November (that’s right!), and I get busy planning throughout December. By January I’m all ready and set to start taking action. Oh, and btw, I repeat this process every six months. So you DON’T have to wait until December to do this. In fact, you shouldn’t. You start now!

I created a FREE goal setting roadmap download to go with this training. It’s right below the video.

How To Set and Achieve SMART Health Goals (90% of people will not do this)

How To Set SMART Goals And Achieve Them Too (health and personal)

Download The Goal Setting Roadmap

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Here’s what you’ll learn

  • The filter that’ll guarantee you get to your goal.
  • How to set SMART health goals.
  • The difference between a SMART and a vague broad goal.
  • How to map out a powerful action plan that’ll guarantee success.
  • The vision album technique to bring your unrealistic goals to life.

Hey! Don’t forget to use the comment section below to share with me your goals! I’d love to see them 🙂


Coach Sofia